Case Studies

180° Smoke Vape Stores

Since choosing Erply, 180° Smoke expanded their business from 1 to 10 locations in only two years.

Erply’s cloud-based platform means they can manage logistics and shipments from anywhere, accept purchase orders, and provide accurate sales reports by location.

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Dobbs & Bishop Fine Cheese

Erply’s cloud-based system means Dobbs & Bishop can keep an iPad handy as a second register when the store sees traffic surges. It’s also great for stocktakings combined with a mobile scanner.

Using the sales data captured in Erply, they predict which items will sell the most and what to expect on their busiest days.

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Omni Steel Supply

The company makes use of Erply’s extensive and detailed reports to keep track of everything from inventory management to invoice stages. Erply’s automatic FIFO calculation gives Omni Steel Supply stronger insights into their purchasing habits, allowing the steel distributor to make smarter purchasing decisions over time.

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Patton Ave Pet Company

The pet store makes good use of Erply’s loyalty program and comprehensive promotions engine to keep customers coming back, and more importantly, satisfied with the brand.

Jenna is a huge environmentalist, so she loves how Erply gives her the option to email receipts. PAPCo reports that after using Erply, 75% of customers switched to emailed receipts, saving them a nice sum of cash.

“I love that I can log in from home, my phone, anywhere I need to be, which gives me a ton of freedom.”

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The Spice & Tea Exchange

Erply caught the attention of Spice & Tea early in their search. Being a pioneer in cloud-based point of sale, Erply also offered a robust franchise solution that would allow the company to manage their complex needs.

With Erply, Spice & Tea can exert a sufficient level of control in how their franchisees order stock, while offering them the unique freedom to creating their own local store blends.

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